Bubblegum Crisis

After a great earthquake, Tokyo was flattened. A new city called MegaTokyo rose from its ashes. The company responsible for much of the rebuilding was Genom Corp. Genom also produces biomechanical creatures called Boomers. When they ran out of control, the ADPolice tried to stop them - but damn it, if you got serious problems, the Knight Sabers are really the only ones with enough firepower to sort things out. Bubblegum Crisis is fun, cyberpunk adventure which never quite forgets its lighter side.

The Knight Sabers...

The Supporting Cast Includes...

The identity of the Knight Sabers is one of the mysteries of Neo-Tokyo. All four of the girls have regular day jobs. Nene is a traffic cop, Linna teaches aerobics, Sylia owns the 'Silky Doll' lingerie shop while Priss is a cyberpunk rock idol.

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All the scans here were made by the AFS, from the AnimEigo laserdiscs.
Special thanks to Kurt Williams and his WunderAmiga.

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