The Gallery Information Desk

What's Here and What's Not

This really is a gallery and not a picture archive. We've tried to collect some of our favorite pictures, and scan in some of our own, to give you a feel for the variety of anime. You'll also get a good idea of what kind of anime we like. For a much more comprehensive picture archive try, a large archive of anime images.

The gallery is divided into a series of "wings", roughly one for each film, series, or topic which has a number of images associated with it. At the end is a "miscellaneous wing" for all those images that we like, but which didn't get a wing of their own.

Each wing contains a list of related pictures, the size of each full image, and a short description. Certain pictures are also accompanied by a thumbnail image, depending on whether I have gotten around to creating one and whether the picture can take being severely shrunk. Most thumbnail images are either one quarter the size of the original (in both width and height) or one-eighth.

Most pages will also include some background, just in case you wanted to know where these pictures came from.