"Manga" is the japanese word for comic books. What we have here are a few scans of some very old manga showing the main types, basically for reasons of historical interest. If you really want to find out what manga is all about, find the book Manga Manga. It was at the library here at MUN, however it has been cruelly defaced (the colour pictures have been torn out).

Also here are a few scans from Cluster 3, one of the few manga that anyone in our small group owns. (There are some others... right guys? Maybe someone will take the hint and visit the scanner soon.)

Ichiban from Todoroke! Ichiban (Thunder! Ichiban) shows off his two-fisted test-taking form. Ichiban is the "passionate exam warrior" hero of this "exam comic."
The outlaw samurai Itto Ogami carrying a child on his back. From Kozure Okami ("Wolf and Child").
A man and woman at a formal ball. A pretty good example of shojo or "girl" manga. Note the flowing dress and pretty sparkles. Cluster 3 probably qualifies as shojo manga as well for similar reasons, although it has some shonen ("boy") qualities as well. There has been some suggestion that this picture is also an example of one of the stranger trends in anime/manga: transvestite characters. Hmmm...
Makihei demonstrates the amazing sushi-making skill inherited from his father, who's spirit looks on. From Tekka no Makihei. Makihei and Ichiban both show how strange the japanese obsession with doing even small things very well can seem to gaijin eyes.
Bakabon's father from Tensai Bakabon ("Genius Idiot") asking a flattered cat to write a book. The joke is in reference to the famous I Am a Cat by Soseki Natsume, written from the viewpoint of a cat. Bakabon figures he will do one better by getting a cat to write a book.
From Cluster 3. A girl with a staff and a magical light of some sort.
Girl with sword and a guy. From Cluster 3.
From Cluster 3 again. Three people, flowing hair and strange hats. Definitely shojo.
Woman with some man in her power. From Cluster 3.