Kiki's Delivery Service

This film is a product of the students of the great Miyazaki-san. As such it is one of the most beautiful pieces of anime ever made. Sorry, no giant robots, no space battles. This story is engaging, funny, and irrepressibly cute.

Black and white scan of a nice sketch of Kiki looking down into a valley.
Good scan of the front cover of the Kiki's Delivery Service storybook.
Kiki and Jiji at the panya (bakery).
A darker version of the same picture, including the border from the storybook.
Kiki sitting on the roof with Jiji and Jiji jr.
Kiki and Jiji looking out a window.
Kiki flying. The expression on her face is cute enough to cause seizures. Unforturnately it is a bit fuzzy.
An unbelievably happy Kiki. The background of this picture is incredible.
Kiki flying with the seagulls.
From the beginning of Kiki's, Kiki standing in a field.
Kiki (and Jiji of course) flying over the city. A very nice scan.
Kiki walking down a road as a car drives by. She's going to deliver a package to Tombo I think.
Artwork of the interior of Kiki's mother's greenhouse.