The Wacky Anime Definitions Dictionary (W.A.D.D.) V 1.53

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Akira: (verb)
To reach such a high level of psychic power you can't control it.

Ex: Kyousuke Akira'd and blew up the disco.

"A-ko/B-ko thing" (noun)
A running fight so destructive you can follow it from a distance just by watching for the smoke.

Bubblegum: (prefix)
Roughly equivalent to "Mechacyberpunk-"

Dirty Pair event: (noun)
Any incredibly destructive and casualty-causing event which is no-one's fault in particular.

Ex: "Due to a minor Dirty Pair event, Southern China is now mostly uninhabitable."

D-load: (verb)
To launch as many missiles from an Armored Veritech/Valkyrie as it is capable of launching. Usually used against a large number of targets.

Gundam: (verb)
The act of killing off a major character, just as the audience was beginning to like the person.

Gundam: (adj.)
The state of being an expensive, undefeatable prototype for an otherwise ineffective weapon system.

Macek: (verb)
To rewrite a story according to your own preferences, with no regard for the original material.

Ex: Jim Macek'd "King Lear" and gave it a happy ending.

Miitaka: (verb)
The act of catching a glint of sunlight (with sound effects) at a proper theatrical moment. Often performed by tennis instructors. from Maison Ikkoku

Minmei: (noun)
Exceedingly cute female character with large eyes that shimmer frequently. Cranial content is usually somewhat lacking. Synonym: Space Woo-woo.

Minmay : (verb)
Behaving in the fashion of a Minmei.

Ex: HEY! Can't you read? The sign says "No Minmaying"!

Noriko (verb):
To fire one's mechs'/ships' ultra-megadeath weapons by screaming it's name at the top of your lungs.

most notable Ex: "BUSTERRRRR BEEEEAAAAAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!"

Rick Hunter: (verb) To say "uh!" a lot.

Robotech (ro' bo tek) v.
1. To take various bits of plotline which are not at all connected and jam them together until they almost fit into one continous story.
2. In missiles, to scatter in a random direction after launch, then converge from several directions on the target. Thought to confuse/defeat anti-missile systems.

Roy Fokker: (verb) To die 'cause you're being a macho schmuck.

SFH (Submunitions From Hell)
1. n. Any sort of missile that contains dozens if not hundreds of guided bomblets/minirockets designed to spread huge amounts of destruction over a large area.
2. v. To use such ordnance in battle (acronym only).As in, 'The Minerva SFH'd Big Murphy's pirate base to cover the escape of the Crushers.'

3-M : (verb) abbrev. of Macross Missile Massacre.

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