These are some interesting odds and ends from the society's history that don't really fit into any particular category.

I wouldn't suggest relying on any addresses given in the pages below to be even remotely accurate or relevant today.

CHMR Anime Tribute
In March of 2006, Jeff Blackwood aired a tribute to the Anime Society on his variety show on the MUN radio station CHMR.

Anime Dictionary
A glossary of anime-related terms put together by members over the years.

Anime Sources List
A reference compiled by some of the society's founders concerning how to go about obtaining anime in St. John's at the time.

The Anime LD Cyclopedia
Remember laserdiscs? Me neither, but I'm sure the society founders do. This is an index of anime laserdiscs that were available back in 1993.

Anime A/V
A guide to setting up an audiovisual entertainment system designed to maximize your anime viewing experience, within the limits of technology from the early 90s.

Sailor Moon Interview
A transcript of an interview that aired on CBC concerning the impending North American release of Sailor Moon.

The Wacky Anime Definitions Dictionary
A dictionary of toungue-in-cheek and in-joke anime terminology from once upon a time.

Our Favorite Anime
A list of animes that were generally well-liked by the members of the society in the early years.

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